Chamber of commerce
The Chamber of Commerce of Naples was instituted by Giuseppe Bonaparte with law n. 102 on the 10th of March 1808. The laws concerns 10 articles grouped in tree titles. In the first of them ... >>>
Neapolitan Ascom has been founded on the 7th June 1945. his birth was due to the need to reclaim a new help policy for the trade, tourism and services fields ... >>>
The city. All the useful information to live it: transports, weather forecasts, schools, hotels, police ... >>>

The shopping streets Tradition and innovation
Tradition and innovation in the biggest Naples portal ... >>>

The tourist's page to discover the town.
Let organize your planning in Naples with us: monuments, shopping centers, all for informed tourism in Naples.... >>>

A postcard from Naples
Send friends the beatiful images of Naples. Here you can find the most famous monuments and views... >>>


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