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ASCOM building in Naples


Neapolitan Ascom has been founded on the 7th June 1945. his birth was due to the need to reclaim a new help policy for the trade, tourism and services fields. Actually during the rebuilt after the war trade, more than industry, made the country and the Neapolitan area reinsert in the commerce, and let the Association begin one of the bigger organization of about us in the South. The Ascom professional activity does not concern only assistance and professional technical support for merchants, but it acts also in the fight against racket and illegal commercial abuse and other themes such as the thermal baths and fashion festivals. The Government favour more industry than handicraft and less the commerce: a situation very different from the rest of Europe. The credit system lacks have brought the Ascom to found own structures.
The principal activity of the Association is the representation of commerce, tourism and services operators, both at a regional and national level. this activity protect the legitimate interests in the relation ship with the political, economical and organizations and develops to directions: the first through an active involving of all the economical, social and trade-union structures, promoting in public demonstrations ( meetings andassemlies) meeting about important tertiary arguments. The second through a constant political presence, and the intervention in hide tertiary problems, with the aim to help the renewal of the commercial distribution and to make comprehensible to political parties, to trade-unions and the other institutions thus to public opinion, the right of commercial categories, to take part in an active way to economical policy choices. By this side the Association takes care the professional training and revision of his associated with aim to help their best qualification, making them more conscious of their social and economical function.
Aims. The ASCOM, to the purposes of the commerce, tourism and services general interests:
a) gives the services industry his best technical and moral assistance to the Association which participate and to single to commercial, tourism and services operators.
b) Promotes the professional training and the progress of techniques of commercial, tourism, services and auxiliary activities, operators and workers.
c) Promotes and makes promotional activities for the touristy and commercial progress.
d) Takes care about the link and co-ordination of the adherent Associations to realize the best collaboration among them, in the general Organization's interest and makes an intermediation in the case of interests contrasts between some adherents Association.
e) Stipulates, in the adherent Association interest, collective contracts and economical work accords in the limits previewed from the National Collectives Contracts of Work.
f) Promotes the constitution of territorial and category associations in merchant or those common in the region, which are still not organized, through the election of promotion Committees or delegate fiduciaries.
g) It controls that the Statutes of the adherent association are in harmony with who of the ASCOM and that are observed.
h) Promotes and favours the formation of institutes or structures, cooperatives and unions and associations that have as principal aim the valorisation of the trade, touristy and services activities.
i) Carries out to all the limitations of law of social institutions.

The ASCOM Neapolitan Province adheres to Confcommercio.

Confcommercio. (General Italian Confederation of Commerce) was founded the 29th of April 1945.
In the organization of this event there had been two preliminary meetings in Naples, in November 1944, and in ReggioCalabria, in the first days of January 1945.
The Confederation at his foundation (therefore the first article of his Statute said) was considered as "linking part among the Associations that compose it". Only the new commercial free association of merchants took part in it.: 24 provincial (7 were Sicilian, 6 from South and 6 from the Center) and 14 national for a whole of 38. Another thing to do was to realize the aggregation if Northern Association that had their head in Milan and this was the theme discussed in an assembly requested in Milan in the September 1945.
In fact the confederation had requested the election of an exponent of the North who could begin member of the National Consult.
For these reasons the co federal was composed by only the 14 participants (in comparison with the 36 previewed) that had the purpose to elect a provisory government with the same powers of the Council, composed by 5 members.
The 29th of April the election of the co federal President was postponed.
Amato Festi developed a peaceful action of unification between the association of the South and the North, who was the founder of the Commercial Association of Bologna.
Thank to his policy, northern associations took place to the Assembly, made by the Florence Union, from the 14th and 16th of February 1946
This was main theme of the assembly, which created most of all polemic among provincial associations and national categories association's relationships. This situation led to the change of the Statute, in the third article previewing that the collective's accords of work, made in a national way, and did not have force, if they hadn't been made by the territorial Associations.
Finally, the unitary spirit won, and the northern Associations adhered to the Confederation.
They reached a number of 90, among territorial Associations and national (26) (9 territorial and 3 national that had joined previously to the formers)
The 17 February 1946 Amato Festi was proclaimed, with the majority, the Confederation President.

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