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Naples town of arts, leads whit his amphiteatrical form on the sea, and it is delimited from the Vesuvius, the Mountains of the coast and from the Islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida. It is situated on the Mediterranean center and it is the "capital" of South Italy, Naples covers today an area of 117,27 km2 with apopulation of 1,020.020. inhabitants.
Its history is now proved, the first colonization was in the IX century b.C. nearly 3000 years ago when "merchants and travellers from Anatolia and Greece were directed from their countries to the mineral emporiums of the high Tyrrenium Sea and founded Partenope in the area which includes the Isle of Megaride (the modern Ovo's Castel) and the promontory of Montechia (the modern Monte di Dio and Pizzo Falcone)".
Suddenly, after many wars, partenope was abandoned and it took the name of "Palepolis"(old town). In the 475 A.C. Naples (new town)was built with the help of Cuma's inhabitants, in the east part of the originary town. Neapolis was built according to a planning called Ippomadeo, or "per strigas", a big network of road made in a orthogonal way which could be seen in the modern town.
Historical times:
- IX century b.C. - Greek colonizer coming from the Ile of Rhodes , founded a new settlment in the isle of Megaride and, with the help of Cuma's inhabitants on the Pizzo falcone promontory, Partenope.
- VI b.C. - foundation of the new town of Neaples, that is far from the first one and called Palepolis.
- 90-89 b.C. - Rome gives to the inhabitants of Campania the roman citizenship. - 62 a.C. - an heartquake damages a part of the town, an many other cities that are situated near the Vesuvius.
- 79 a.C. - a terrible eruption of the Vesuvius disfructed Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia.
- 474 - in the Castrum Lucullianum (the Ovo's Castel) the lest western Emperor : Romulus Auqustus.
- 536 - Belisario conquers Naples and enters in the town through the acqueduct.
- 763 - Naples becomes autonomous duchy of Byzantinum.
- 1224 - Frederic II founds in Neaples the first Public University called the "Study".
- 1266 - Charles the I enters in the town, the Angi˛ dynasty ascends to the neapolitan trone.
- 1309 - Robert of Angi˛ is proclamed King of Neaples.
- 1324-1329 - Tino da Camaino Giotto e Giovanni Boccaccio come in Naples.
- 1438 - RenŔ of Angi˛ ascends to the trone.
- 1443 - Alphonse of Aragon entrs in the town; with the Aragonian dinasty the umanistic period begins for the southern culture.
- 1474 - The "tavola Strozzi is painted, the first image of Naples.
- 1485 - Ferrante I stops the Baron's revolt.
- 1503 - Consalvo de Cordoba enters in the town, the long Spanish reign begins.
- 1532 - Don Pedro from Toledo is the new viceroy and supports the enlargement of the town.
- 1647 - Tommaso Aniello is at the head of the rebellion against the spanish, repressed in a bloodly way.
- 1688 - a terrible heartquake makes a lot of damages to the building partimony, and to the temple's pillars of the San Paolo Maggiore's church's fašade.
- 1707 - The viceroy begins -with the help of Charls of Bourbon naples is eventually an autonomous reign.
- 1759 - Charles leaves the reign and comes back to Madrid.
- 1779 - The Partenopean Republic is proclamed in the same year Ferdinand I ascends to the trone.
- 1806 - Napoleon gives the Reign to his brother Joseph.
- 1815 - Murat is Shooted in pizzo Calabro, Ferdinand I ascends again to the neapolitan trone.
- 1820 - the king, after the July revolt, gives the Costitution.
- 1859 - Francis is proclamed the King of the two Sicilies.
- 1860 - Garibaldi enters in the town. The Reign is jointed to Piedmont with a popular votation.
- 1943 - The neapolitans, during a rebellion lasted four days drove away the germans from the town.
- 1980 - an heavy heart quake damages the building patrimony( among them the ancient Poor's Hotel).

source: Comune di Napoli

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